Our Team



Ryenne and Clay founded ZenPetz in 2021. We currently create unique and customizable aquariums for fish, but hope to expand into reptiles and amphibians as well in the future. ZenPetz has come leaps and bounds since they started the business, and hope to bring it even further as the future progresses.
We would like to thank you personally for supporting our small business, and hope to see you for your tank set-up soon! ~ Pura Vida~ Ryenne & Clay


Ryenne Folmar

This is Ryenne, the founder and the owner of ZenPetz. Fish aquariums started out as a small side hobby, and quickly grew into much more for her. She currently has aquariums of her own, as well as a cat, dog, reptiles, and even tarantulas! Ryenne breeds a freshwater fish called Platy, the exact ones that will be included with your aquarium purchase in most cases. She does breed mystery snails, too, that she supplies ZenPetz Aquariums with as well as a small store in Aurora, Colorado. Ryenne knows just about everything there is to know about home aquariums and is always eager to increase her knowledge on them! She is more than passionate about bringing the tranquility and Zen of home aquariums to your space!


Clay Wyperd

This is Clay. Clay has stood strong by Ryenne’s side through all of her obsessions over animals, crazy business ideas, and she probably could not have created ZenPetz if it weren’t for his support. His love for fish is as intense as hers, but his is more so for the reptiles and amphibians that ZenPetz hopes to offer in the future. Like Ryenne, Clay is dedicated to creating the best homes possible for these animals and bringing maximum Zen into your space!